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Our services vary according to the project, ranging from modern buildings that demand state-of-art roofing techniques and architectural treatments to heritage restoration projects. We have the experience, knowledge and technical expertise to perform a varied and challenging range of roofing and ventilation installations and custom sheet metal fabrication.


The roofing landscape has changed dramatically with the advent of torch-on membranes and with the introduction of lightweight, colourful metal roofs. When applied properly, modern roofs will provide lasting durability and aesthetics to low-sloped and steep-pitched roofs.

Universal Sheet Metal has a long-standing membership with the RCABC, which is your assurance that every roofing job will meet or exceed the high standards set by this industry association. Our employees are trade-qualified Journeymen. This means you can expect that your roof will bring lasting value and integrity to your buildings.

Because we also specialize in custom sheet metal fabrication, we can add the structural and architectural finishes in any metal, to enhance and improve the overall appearance and performance of your roof.

Our Roofing services include:

  • Torch-on membrane: A high percentage of all roofs in BC use a membrane roofing system. These durable roofs are the current industry standard for low-sloped roofs. Materials can range in appearance to imitate old-fashioned tar-and-gravel roofs or to incorporate lighter colours to reflect heat and keep the building cooler in the summer.
  • Built-up roofing: These roofs incorporate a thick layer of insulation to protect the building from excessive heat and cold.
  • Standing seam metal roof systems: Metal roofs have become more common since architects and designers have discovered the many advantages to this durable, lightweight and attractive alternative to shakes and shingles. Panels are custom cut to length and can be anywhere from 12” to 20” wide.
  • Custom flashings, gutters and downspouts: Universal Sheet Metal can turn these items into architectural showpieces that enhance the overall appearance of a roof. We can use any metal including copper, tin and aluminum.
  • Architectural Sheet Metal: These include finials, weathervanes, cupolas, steeples, ridge caps, vents, custom copper roofing and more. See our past projects page for a sample of our custom work.
  • Heritage roof restoration: We have done many restoration projects on heritage buildings in the Greater Victoria area.
  • Maintenance: Call on Universal Sheet Metal for the maintenance services that will extend the life and improve the function of your roof.


Ventilation systems require expert fabrication, installation and maintenance to make sure that air conditioning, heating, dust collection and ventilation systems are efficient and effective. Universal Sheet Metal will perform on any institutional or commercial size project.

Please be sure to contact us for specific information on our ventilation services.

Custom Metal Fabrication

There is a challenging and varied need for custom sheet metal fabrication in the construction and manufacturing industries. Universal Sheet Metal employees are trade-qualified sheet metal Journeymen who are capable of performing any architectural sheet metal or custom sheet metal job.

Our services include the custom supply and installation required for flashings, ventilation fittings, hospital equipment and more. We can even custom build boat fittings. We use a variety of metals and alloys including stainless steel, copper, tin, bronze, aluminum and steel.

We maintain a full service shop where we prepare and assemble much of our custom work. Just a few of the functions we perform in our shop include:

  • Rolling
  • Forming
  • Bending
  • Cutting
  • Shearing
  • Joining and welding

For a finishing touch we can manufacture the fasteners and decorative touches used to accent our custom-built projects.

Please contact us for details about our custom sheet metal work.